Text Box: The Nightmare Murders

Whatís your worst nightmare?

Inspector Jackie Hall might be living her worst nightmare as she plays a desperate game of cat and mouse with a twisted serial killer and a rage-filled father, each as cold blooded and dangerous as the other.


Hall is the Acting Chief of Police in the quiet, rural town of Rowley, Massachusetts who is thrust into a high-profile murder investigation when a bizarre, seemingly-ritualistic killing is discovered in the woods of her sleepy little town.


The killer, Jerome Carlton, is an addict. But his drug of choice isnít meth or cocaine, itís fear. The fear in the eyes of a young woman when she realizes she's about to die. Carlton has murdered fifteen times, and he is clever enough that the authorities have never even connected the deaths as serial killings.


Benson McCray is the father of the Carltonís latest victim and is a retired CIA "interrogation specialist" who is now devoting his considerable resources, his unique skills, and an obsessive win-at-any-cost drive to finding his daughterís killer before the police can, so he may meter out his own special version of justice.

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