Text Box: Freefall

A serial killer get involved with multiple personalities.

Jamie Gaynor has Dissociative Identity Disorder, triggered by a sexually-abusive uncle when she was ten. Fawn is the "whipping-boy" alter-personality who presented to shield Jamie from the childhood trauma. Unfortunately, Fawn never receded into the shadows after the uncle blew his brains out, so now, in adulthood, she still steps in—uninvited—and complicates things whenever Jamie gets romantic with a man.


Brad Taylor is a handsome, charismatic, and wealthy entrepreneur with houses all over the US, and businesses all over Asia. He is also a psychopathic international serial killer who has slaughtered at least seven prostitutes while he fantasizes that he is murdering his cruel and abusive mother.


When they meet by chance on a flight from Tokyo to New York, it sets into motion an affair that has each of them wondering about the other's odd and mysterious behaviors.

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