Text Box: Camelot: A Family Saga

One family’s journey through the turbulent sixties.

1963: Early in what would be the last year of Jack Kennedy's "Camelot" administration, WWII veteran, Paul Addison bought the first new car he had ever owned; a 1963 Ford Falcon convertible. Its simple elegance, its gleaming white color, even its very openness all reminded him of the decade that was just beginning with such hope and promise.


Camelot is the story of three generations of one family that journeyed in that car through a decade that saw assassinations that shocked the world; a war that divided the country; hippies and peace marches; a three-day rock concert never to be repeated; political turmoil; and landing a man on the moon … all of the good and the bad times, the triumphs and tragedies, and the long overdue social changes that marked the sixties as a momentous turning point for the nation and the world.



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