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I grew up in the small coastal-New England town of Rowley, Massachusetts.  The same town that is host to the central action of a forthcoming novel, The Nightmare Murders. I attended grades 9 through 12 (class of 1970) at Newburyport High School, which is the setting for pivotal plot elements in The Weaver Conspiracy.  Also featured in Weaver is the fictionalized “St. Jacques Hospital,” which is based on the real-life Anna Jaques Hospital, where both of my daughters were born. I currently live in the Phoenix, Arizona “Valley of the Sun,” where my immediate neighbors were the inspiration for The Wives of Logan’s Point.  And the opening scenes of the work-in-process novel, Guardian, are set in downtown Phoenix during a summer monsoon rain storm. If you’re beginning to see a pattern, it’s because I like to write about things that I know.


Accuracy and detail are important to me—as I believe they are to readers. So if I don’t know enough about something that I need in one of my plots, I research it. I will spend hours digging for a single detail so that I never have to “fictionalize facts.” I believe that one untrue fact, stumbled upon by a reader, will forever break the spell being cast by the author. Fantasy and science fiction are different, of course, but a good novel, in my humble opinion, must leave the reader wondering where the reality ends and the fiction begins. With the best novels, the reader never even thinks to ask the question. One reviewer, after reading Weaver, complimented the authenticity and detail in the book by saying that he found himself expecting to hear updates about my characters and events on the evening news. That is the spell an author must cast.


I completed my first novel, The Weaver Conspiracy, in 2003— almost one year to the day from when I started it.  It took a long time, many rewrites, and long hours of editing to finally bring it to print, but it was a labor of love.


My second published work, Katie: A Novel of Autism, is actually the fourth book that I wrote, but it holds a very special place in my heart. The title character was inspired by, and modeled after my wife’s real-life niece, who is, like the character Katie, a misunderstood victim of severe autism.


Third to make it to publication is The Wives of Logan’s Point, which features six women, close friends and neighbors in an affluent community, who conspire to kill their husbands for reasons that range from jealousy, to rage, to greed—and even for the simple thrill of it. As mentioned above, the main characters were inspired by my real-life cul-de-sac neighbors, who exhibit a closeness and camaraderie that is unique among any of the places I have ever lived.


Fourth on the list is A Kiss For Luck!. Inspired by a vintage WWII rifle owned by my next door neighbor, the book took more than two years to research and write. The research included a pilgrimage to one of only two WWII Liberty ships left in the world for a unique guided tour of the places where the action in Part II of the story takes place.


My most recent publication is Freefall, a novel about a female with multiple personalities—one of which is a nymphomaniac—who meets and starts dating an international businessman, who also happens to be a serial killer of prostitutes, with bodies in at least six different Asian countries. At the same time, he’s being stalked by a man obsessed with exacting revenge because he blames the guy for his sister’s suicide.


I currently have two novels on the editing shelf. One is The Nightmare Murders, about the desperate race between the police and a victim’s vengeful father, to find a serial killer. The other is The Kennedy Box, which features a small cache of lost clues about the JFK assassination. But these clues point not to who did it, but to why he did it.


In beginning stages is a novel titled Guardian.  It is a story about a woman whose “guardian angel” has suddenly become visible to her, in the form of a ten-year-old girl.

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