Text Box: Chalk Targets

Accidental Death or Diabolical Murder?

Chief Jacquelyn "Jackie" Hall of the Rowley police is back after her praise-winning introduction in The Nightmare Murders!


Chalk Targets takes Jackie along a surprisingly twisted path when subtle evidence indicates that the accidental death of a local woman she has known for years may be something far more disturbing.


When a young investigator named Marcia Grieves is assigned to the case by the Essex County DA's office, Jackie is at first unsure of how much help she will be, but she soon comes to respect and welcome the impartial second set of eyes as unsettling secrets are discovered regarding the victim, her husband, and their step-kids.


As the investigation deepens, the help of local IT expert Carol Soucy is enlisted, and even more skeletons are unearthed on the family computers, and what seemed to be solid targets must be erased and fresh ones drawn and aimed at.

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