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Here is a list of some favorite and useful links:

Readerís Circle (www.readerscircle.org)

If you've been looking for a way to connect with local book clubs, this is it! Reader's Circle is a free directory for in-person groups. They also offer event listings for readings/book signings, public lectures, the performing arts, and The Big Read initiative by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).


Changing Hands Bookstore (www.changinghands.com)

A wonderful bookstore located in Tempe AZ.† Chosen as Publishers Weekly Bookseller of the Year 2007.


Benbow Hotel & Resort (www.benbowinn.com)

This charming hotel, built in 1926, may be a bit out of the way, in Garberville CA, but is well worth the trip!† Some of the final editing of The Weaver Conspiracy was done during a relaxing stay at the Benbow.


Brass Lyon (www.brasslyon.com)

A fun and fabulous little shop in downtown Newburyport MA featuring all manner of unique brass and nautical items, Chelsea clocks, weather & tide instruments, and authentic reproductions.† Events in chapter six of The Weaver Conspiracy take place in The Brass Bell, a fictional shop inspired by the Brass Lyon.


SS Jeremiah OíBrien (www.ssjeremiahobrien.org)

Visit the web site for one of the last two WWII Liberty ships left in the world. Better still, go to the site to plan your trip to the floating museum, located in San Francisco Bay at Pier 45, Fishermanís Wharf.


The Weaver Conspiracy (www.theweaverconspiracy.com)

The authorís web site devoted exclusively to Weaver.


Katie: A Novel of Autism (www.katie-a-novel-of-autism.com)

The authorís web site devoted exclusively to Katie.


The Wives of Loganís point (www.thewivesofloganspoint.com)

The authorís web site devoted exclusively to Wives.


A Kiss For Luck! (www.a-kiss-for-luck.com)

The authorís web site devoted exclusively to Kiss!.