Text Box: A Kiss For Luck!

Five lives linked and forever changed by a Kiss For Luck!

A Kiss for Luck! is a story during war, but it is not about war. It is five separate yet intertwined stories about the people whose lives are touched by a unique rifle.


In May of 1944, the girls on a Chicago factory assembly line begin slipping a piece of paper with A Kiss For Luck! emblazoned on it into the rifles they are building. The practice is soon discovered and halted by the Army brass, however, and fewer than 500 weapons with the special talisman ever make it out the door. This book is a collection of stories connected by one of those rifles.


The story follows the lives, loves, and heartbreaks of the young women factory workers who labor through the night to support the war effort; the perilous adventures of the men and boys ... and a Nazi saboteur ... aboard the Liberty ship that ferries the load of rifles to England; an American Army Sergeant as he trains for D-Day and manages to fall in love with a British nurse; a gutsy and clever young woman fighting in the French Resistance; and lastly, years later, the progress of a former war correspondent who discovers the rifle with its lucky charm and traces the gun’s history backwards from a farmhouse in France to his own hometown of Chicago.

A Kiss for Luck! is a captivating glimpse into many extraordinary lives connected by one special rifle.



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